The Ghidorah Institute

Originally set up in the 1960’s by Richard Lewis as part of the ‘age of Aquarius’ movement, the institute was supposed to unlock the untapped power of human consciousness through a mix of meditation, yoga and orgies.

Today, the Age of Aquarius has passed, but the centre runs a ‘get away from it all’ retreat in it’s upper levels, attracting the sort of suburban and rat race mortals who believe in yoga and colonic irrigation as a means to inner peace.

The mortal sleeping rooms are set aside from the spa itself which sits atop the Dracul complex. A service entrance provides the means of entering and leaving the area without being seen.



A ghouled staff run the spa and retreat, providing massages, lifeguarding and gardening duties as required. These same faces can be seen training in the underground Ordo Dracul gym and running excercises under the Grandmaster’s watchful eye.

Kindred Staff

The Ghidorah Institute

The Ghidorah Institute belak_krin