Upper Level

The upper level of the complex contains the ‘treatment rooms’ for the mortal level of the Institute. Sparsely decorated with the faux eastern artwork, sculpture and furniture, pale walls and carpets with pinewood panelling are the themes through out.

Reception – A set of thick glass doors leads into a room dominated by a large pine desk with a plasma screen playing soothing water scenes behind it. A few chairs are laid out here but little else. This room is the central hub that leads on to the other areas of the spa.

Pool Complex – Leading left from the reception area is a long corridor that opens into the pool area. A small pool with relaxing music playing. A sauna, steam room and small changing area run off from the corridor leading to the pool.

Gym – The mortal gym runs off of a corridor that runs at ninety degrees to the one leading to the pool, with male and female changing rooms & showers leading from it. At the end of the corridor is a pretty standard gym with up to date machinery with a mirrored wall one side and full glass windows to the other.

Treatment rooms – The third corridor from the Reception area leads to a set of four rooms for massage, aromatherapy and the various other treatments available. The corridor ends in a larger room where Yoga and other classes are held.


The grounds have well tended gardens, with areas set out as though to promote meditation, with unusual abstract sculptures and zen gardens. This carefully tended appearance rivals the woodlands that surround the complex which seem to become increasingly wild as you enter them.

The Lodge – Largest of the outbuildings is the lodge, which has basic rooms for 10 mortals attending the spa. While the spa itself has a modern, clean edge to it, the outbuildings retain a level of ‘back to basics’ necessity.

The Hall – Another plain, basic structure, the hall provides dining facilities and kitchen to feed up to 30.

The Sauna – A separate outdoor sauna of the Swedish persuasion that is left open 24/7 for use outside of spa hours.

There is also a large shed/garage that contains gardening supplies and a hidden entrance to the lower levels.

The Lower Levels

Level 1

The first level of the Ordo Dracul complex is open to all members of the Institute/Covenant. A key-carded service door inside the garage provides the entrance.

Level 1 can be considered the ‘white’ level. The layout is fairly similar to that of the spa above, but the décor is placed more towards robust and easily cleaned surfaces, no frills white walls stamped with the institute logo and so on. It resembles the lower levels of a hospital, or factory corridors except for the frequent 18th century wall hangings or ancient meditation charts hung upon the walls.

Meeting Hall – The centre of level one, the meeting hall is an ante-chamber large enough to hold approximately 80 people. Normally empty, and continually cleaned by one of the ghouls or Slaves, it has a stage at one end with the Ordo Dracul symbol, and that of the Ghidorah Institute emblazoned on the wall behind.

Gym – The gym is directly below the mortal version, and resembles something between a back street dojo and a school gymnasium. There are punching bags filled with cement, extra heavy medicine balls, and a well laid out mat for the purposes of fight training. The Institute logo is painted on the wall in red.

Dormatories – There are three dormitories spread out from each other in one wing of level 1. They are purely for Slaves and unsworn. Johnson, Vorbis and Emmanuel share one, while Convener Williams seems to ‘sleep’ in the meditation chamber.

The other two dorms are held by the PCs. They are basic and more crowded than would be comfortable for Kindred. The ‘bathroom’ facilities are closer to what one would expect at a campsite, only allowing a single person to shower at a time (unless they are very friendly).

Laboratory space – 5 shared spaces for the use of unsworn to conduct experiments/work. There are plumbed in sinks and moveable work benches but beyond this extra equipment seems to have been provided in only 2 of the rooms.

Several unusual plants are held in lab 3, surrounded by lights and measuring equipment.

Lab 4 is set up as a classroom.

Meditation chamber – A completely bare room that is dark enough to remain intimate despite its size. A single, low level bulb provides just enough light to see by.

Store room – A large room filled with a variety of boxes, crates and assorted covered objects. A door here leads to the hidden garage exit.

Level 2

Access to Level 2 is locked. The rest of the Institute has not been sufficiently explored.

The Ghidorah Institute


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