The population is approximately 23,000 with a rising unemployment rate. Most jobs in the town are in local mining and manufacture facilities, with an increasing number of better educated people commuting to Butler.

Notable locations within Brentwood

Industrial Area – Brentwood houses several warehouses as well as a junkyard and tyre recycling plant. These facilities are set on the edge of town, towards the mine.

The Mine – a coal mine that has been running for a number of decades, and is close to closing due to the increased use of cheaper, imported coal.

Used car lot – closer to town is ‘Honest Pete’s Used Car Dealership’ which does most of its trade by buying the car’s of out of work miners and selling them to 16 year old school kids.

Drive in – does what it says on the tin. Mostly showing films that are a few months past release/old monster movies.

Schools – the town has 2 elementary schools and 1 high school. Go Badgers!

Shopping area – the town has what is essentially a high street containing a small grocery shop, 7/11, a few clothes outlets, record store, comics shop, bakery (for the donuts) hardware store and diner.

The Diner – Jo’s diner is your typical all American eatery, burgers, shakes and pies with coffee served late into the evening for passing cops.

Church – the wooden, white washed chapel is what you would expect from a small town, high and mighty evangelism takes place – decrying Satan and all his ills. Pastor Eddie Michaels runs his sermons here, with AA and WI meetings at night.

Red’s bar – away from the rest of town is Red’s bar. Dart board, pool table, surly drunks. A jukebox that only seems to feature Rock and Country and lighting that is more than a little depressing.

The Shed – a small club, capable of housing around 600 people. Local bands of questionable quality play here and there are various musically themed DJ nights. Anyone looking for ‘proper’ clubbing heads into Butler.

Town Hall – A traditional structure, complete with clock. Looks a lot like the one in Back to the Future.

Medical Centre – A suprisingly modern centre, with a number of doctors and nurses. Capable of providing everything the population could need bar major surgery and some advanced tests. A free clinic serves the population’s less-fortunates.

Make-out point/the woods – the area surrounding Brentwood is largely woodland and not too far from the Institute is the good ol’ fashioned make-out point, overlooking the town and backing onto the woods.



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