The Ghidorah Institute


How it begins...

Kindred come to the Ordo Dracul for many personal reasons, but there must always be a choice. In London, LA and beyond Kindred have made enquiries about the mysteries the Ordo has to offer. Some have been pushed by their sires, others have searched for entry and some simply wander their path until the Curse becomes too much to bear.

To each of the players there comes a meeting and a decision. A small bespectacled man meets them in an unusual location to quiz them on their decision to join the Order of the Dragon.

A series of questions is asked and their willingness to follow the ways of the Ordo is checked. They are asked to give up everything they know and take a leap of faith, to step into a wooden crate and await their fate.

Some step blindly with open trust, others hesitate or are fearful but in the end the choice is made and with the heavy fall of a stake, the Kindred are cast into darkness.



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