The Ghidorah Institute

Episode 3: Observations

After an early night’s feed, Anna, Harry and Sergi are called to meet for their nightly lesson. They were finally introduced officially to their fellow Slave, Johnson who explained that they had work to do.

It seems that a local man – Ian Thomas is suspected of having some kind of psychic ability and it is up to the Slaves to investigate whether or not he has some powers, or if its all just an act.

After requesting a shotgun mike and some binoculars, the three headed out to follow their target.

While Sergi snuck around the man’s house, Harry and Anna watched him finish work. When Ian was later followed to local nightclub ‘The Shed’, Anna was left to keep an eye on him while Sergi and Harry returned to his house, Harry keeping watch while Sergi rifled through the place, finding some odd books and objects amongst fairly normal surroundings.

It was eventually realised that despite appearances, Ian had quite a way with the ladies and was in fact at the club to meet with the owner regarding some form of exchange.

Strange voices and conversations with people who may not exist took place in a back room before Ian left with a book-shaped object wrapped up in an old T-shirt.

After perving on Ian and the woman he brought home, the Slaves have a few questions regarding a former member of the Institute and decide to call it a night to regroup tomorrow with fresh tactics.



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