The Ghidorah Institute

Episode 1: Beginnings

A new life begins

Each of the kindred awoke in a concrete walled warehouse type structure, the crates they stepped into in their home cities arranged in a semi circle facing Supplicant Supplicant Vorbis who introduces them to The Ghidorah Institute, their new home.

After explaining their status as Slaves and some basics about the nature of the Ordo Dracul, they are sent to find their bunks and explore the Institute itself.

While Heather quickly found herself at ease in the meditation chamber, others quickly explored the laboratories and gymnasium. Anna and Thomas were keen to impress, patiently waiting for hew orders, while Harry Smith decided to prove his strength against the Institute’s Head of Security Grandmaster Barratt.

After refusing to submit, Harry’s torpid body was taken to one of the lower levels and he returned some time later, bruised and beaten but walking by himself.

The Slaves were then given their first order – to explore nearby Brentwood and pick up a vehicle from the used car lot.

While the majority stocked up on supplies at the 7/11, the hungry Slave Smith went to feed, choosing to start a fight in Red’s bar in the hopes on feeding on the unconcious loser. The ensuing three-way brawl ended in Smith frenzying on one of the men while Christine tried to calm him down.

After a moment of darkness, Grandmaster Barratt rescued the two from the situation and sent them to join the others and obtain the vehicle before heading back to the Institute.

Lenghty negotiations and test drives at Honest Pete’s Used Car Lot ended with the other Slaves somewhat uncertainly agreeing with Thomas that the pick-up he’d selected was a good choice and they headed back to the Institute for long lecture from Supplicant Vorbis and Scholar Jacobs on their actions and the nature of Transcendence.



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