The Ghidorah Institute

Episode 3: Observations

After an early night’s feed, Anna, Harry and Sergi are called to meet for their nightly lesson. They were finally introduced officially to their fellow Slave, Johnson who explained that they had work to do.

It seems that a local man – Ian Thomas is suspected of having some kind of psychic ability and it is up to the Slaves to investigate whether or not he has some powers, or if its all just an act.

After requesting a shotgun mike and some binoculars, the three headed out to follow their target.

While Sergi snuck around the man’s house, Harry and Anna watched him finish work. When Ian was later followed to local nightclub ‘The Shed’, Anna was left to keep an eye on him while Sergi and Harry returned to his house, Harry keeping watch while Sergi rifled through the place, finding some odd books and objects amongst fairly normal surroundings.

It was eventually realised that despite appearances, Ian had quite a way with the ladies and was in fact at the club to meet with the owner regarding some form of exchange.

Strange voices and conversations with people who may not exist took place in a back room before Ian left with a book-shaped object wrapped up in an old T-shirt.

After perving on Ian and the woman he brought home, the Slaves have a few questions regarding a former member of the Institute and decide to call it a night to regroup tomorrow with fresh tactics.

Episode 2: One of our subjects is missing!
An accident leads the Slaves to face their first real test

After several weeks of getting used to the daily chores and studies of the Institute, the Slaves awoke to the sound of sirens.

With Heather still shut away under guard, performing some unknown task, the rest of the Slaves rushed to find a disembowled and dying security ghoul being brought in from the surface. A sacrifice of blood from Sergi and Christine saw the ghoul repair his wounds and regain conciousness before being rushed down to another level.

The Grandmaster meanwhile instructed the Slaves that an test subject had attacked the ghoul and escaped, and that they were to secure the area above, making sure none of the humans had seen what had happened.

Harry carefully made sure there were no signs of panic in the spa above, while Thomas followed animal tracks that lead from a bloody patch of ground out into the woods. Sergi, Christine and Anna helped to clean up the crime scene through application of carefull thought and a trolley of cleaning products.

Anna and Harry followed Thomas’ tracks out into the woods, while Sergi and Christine returned underground to clean their bloody clothes and recieve further information from the Institute staff. Supplicant Gatehouse informed the pair that the escaped subject was a ‘vitae enhanced canine’ who had attacked his handler and escaped. It was vital that they retrieve ‘Mr Tiddles’ alive, and ensure that its contact with the humans above was minimised.

With this in mind, Sergi and Christine followed the others out into the woods.

While Thomas carefully followed tracks that lead out onto the road side, showing that the animal had somehow come into contact with a vehicle that sped away, Anna and Harry became lost in the mists. After several confused minutes, the group managed to all meet up and continue with the investigation, driving towards town.

They quickly spotted a sports car which had crashed at the side of the road and followed tracks that lead the group to split up – Harry and Sergi tracking Mr Tiddles, while Thomas, Anna and Christine searched for the car’s owner.

The young woman was found to have fallen down a small cliff and twisted her ankle and between the three slaves she was returned to the side of the road. Careful application of psychology and Dominate by Anna and Christine left the girl certain she was suffering from shock and they deposited her at the local medical centre, while Thomas went to help the others.

Meanwhile Sergi and Harry had blundered into the path of some hunters, one of whom accidentally shot Harry in the chest. As they ran over, Sergi slipped into Obfuscate while Harry played possum. When the hunters arrived, a sneak attack was launched and they eventually managed to knock the two humans out.

At this point Mr Tiddles – a small french poodle arrived and after nearly attacking Harry, was persuaded to join the Slaves in their pick-up.

The application of alcohol to the unconcious hunters was quickly agreed on and the Slaves took Mr Tiddles back to the Institute, re-uniting the dog with Supplicant Gatehouse.

A job well done.

Episode 1: Beginnings
A new life begins

Each of the kindred awoke in a concrete walled warehouse type structure, the crates they stepped into in their home cities arranged in a semi circle facing Supplicant Supplicant Vorbis who introduces them to The Ghidorah Institute, their new home.

After explaining their status as Slaves and some basics about the nature of the Ordo Dracul, they are sent to find their bunks and explore the Institute itself.

While Heather quickly found herself at ease in the meditation chamber, others quickly explored the laboratories and gymnasium. Anna and Thomas were keen to impress, patiently waiting for hew orders, while Harry Smith decided to prove his strength against the Institute’s Head of Security Grandmaster Barratt.

After refusing to submit, Harry’s torpid body was taken to one of the lower levels and he returned some time later, bruised and beaten but walking by himself.

The Slaves were then given their first order – to explore nearby Brentwood and pick up a vehicle from the used car lot.

While the majority stocked up on supplies at the 7/11, the hungry Slave Smith went to feed, choosing to start a fight in Red’s bar in the hopes on feeding on the unconcious loser. The ensuing three-way brawl ended in Smith frenzying on one of the men while Christine tried to calm him down.

After a moment of darkness, Grandmaster Barratt rescued the two from the situation and sent them to join the others and obtain the vehicle before heading back to the Institute.

Lenghty negotiations and test drives at Honest Pete’s Used Car Lot ended with the other Slaves somewhat uncertainly agreeing with Thomas that the pick-up he’d selected was a good choice and they headed back to the Institute for long lecture from Supplicant Vorbis and Scholar Jacobs on their actions and the nature of Transcendence.

How it begins...

Kindred come to the Ordo Dracul for many personal reasons, but there must always be a choice. In London, LA and beyond Kindred have made enquiries about the mysteries the Ordo has to offer. Some have been pushed by their sires, others have searched for entry and some simply wander their path until the Curse becomes too much to bear.

To each of the players there comes a meeting and a decision. A small bespectacled man meets them in an unusual location to quiz them on their decision to join the Order of the Dragon.

A series of questions is asked and their willingness to follow the ways of the Ordo is checked. They are asked to give up everything they know and take a leap of faith, to step into a wooden crate and await their fate.

Some step blindly with open trust, others hesitate or are fearful but in the end the choice is made and with the heavy fall of a stake, the Kindred are cast into darkness.

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